SouthEast MogFest 2011 will take place May 11th-15th!

SouthEast MogFest (SEMF short) is an idea that came about after watching the sucess of some of the other Euro truck events (NorthWest MogFest/MogFest etc) and wishing for something of any similarity in the South East region. Well my friends, the time has come!SEMF will essentially be a private party for all European Truck owners and their friends! The event will include vehicle displays, sponsor displays, wheelin' trips, wrench tech, and other social events. A detailed agenda will be released as the event draws closer.



SEMF events will be be located within the Coal Creek OHV Area. See 'Camping' below for details on specific location.

Trail Information:

Trails range from gravel roads to extreme mountainous terrain. Easy trails include gravel roads and hard packed clay trails with few if any challenges.

Most trails are rated “moderate” and include mud, small rocks and small hill climbs. The more “difficult” rated trails will include off cambers, tougher hill climbs, rocks, mud and should only be attempted by experienced drivers.

There are over 250+ miles of trails now open in the area. All trails are marked with a trail number, degree of difficulty and vehicles allowed on the trail. Some trails are restricted to ATV and Motorcycle use only.

There are plenty of different trails for all types of vehicles and adrenaline levels. There is also beautiful mountain scenery around every corner.

To access the OHV area you are required to have a Land Use Permit. Each person entering the area, regardless of age or activity must possess a land use permit while using the OHV area. See 'Cost' for Land Use Permit pricing.

Coal Creek Rules

  1. Release forms must be signed by all persons entering on the properties of The Coal Creek Company and a COPY OF THIS FORM MUST BE CARRIED ON THEIR PERSON.
  2. A LAND USE PERMIT must be displayed on the vehicle in a clearly visible area.
  3. Maintain a 5 mph limit in all staging/parking areas.
  4. Travel is limited to marked trails.
  5. Stay away from all reclaimed mined areas, active mining areas, logging operations, and gas/oil facilities.
  6. DO NOT LITTER ON THIS PROPERTY. Violators will be barred from the property.
  7. Tires with studs are not allowed.
  8. Firing of weapons is strictly prohibited. NO TARGET PRACTICE!
  9. Proper safety equipment must be worn at all times.
  10. No hill climbing except on marked trails.
  11. Be considerate of others using the trails and report any unauthorized or illegal behavior observed.
  12. No alcohol.
  13. No fireworks or open fires.
  14. Off-highway vehicle operation on the property is limited to daylight hours.
  15. Mandatory speed limit of 15 mph on Trail P-1 (paved access road).
  16. Streams and stream beds will be avoided where possible. Should any water crossing be necessary, the permittee will make such crossing only on or over marked trails, strictly comply with posted rules and regulations and will avoid creation of any erosion or stream bed sediment.

Camp Ground

Camping and verious activitied will take place at Windrock Park. Windrock Park is also owned by the Coal Creek Company, and is located just two miles via dirt road (or paved, your choice) from the trail head. The event area and large pavilion will be reserved for SEMF atendees.

Here are a few links ot various maps of the grounds.
(Note: Most mapping software I have found has out of date images, I have only found one current satellite image)

Here is a link to a Google Map with the location set as the entrance road to the camp ground.
Here is a satellite image with labels.
Here is a link to the offical park map.
Here is the park map overlayed on the satellite image

Windrock Park has three types of camp grounds availble.
1.) Cabins: There are 10 cabins availble for rental. Each cabin sleeps four people; bedding is not provided. Cabins are furnished with two bunk beds, kitchenette and bathroom with shower. Fire rings are also provided. Outside picture HERE. Inside picture HERE.
2.) RV Sites: There are 39 availble sites for rental. 110V electric, 30 & 50 amp. The RV Sites include water, sewer connection, electricity, concrete patios, picnic tables, fire rings and bath house. RV Site photo HERE.
3. Primitive Camping: There are 25 designated primitive sites, with field for overflow. Primitive Campsites have fire rings and bath house access.

Camp Ground Rules:

  1. No weapons allowed
  2. No alcoholic beverages allowed
  3. No fireworks allowed
  4. All speed limits must be observed at all times
  5. Keep off the grass
  6. No fires except in the designated fire rings
  7. No littering – all garbage must be placed in trash receptacles provided
  8. Please limit OHV riding to trails
  9. Keep children and pets in your line of sight at all times and please clean up after your pets

Quiet time begins at 11:00 p.m.
Check-in is at 1:00 p.m, check-out is at 10:00 a.m. (Note: Most likely these hours will be expanded for SEMF)



$100 per night

RV Sites:
$38 per night, 2 people
Each additional person over 15 yrs old, $3 per night, per person

Primitive Camping:
$16 per night, 2 people
Each additional person over 15 yrs old, $3 per night, per person

The rates above do not include state, local or hotel tax.

Land Use Permits are as follows:

Cost for the permits are as follows:

Adults   Children 12 & Under
$17 Daily Permit
$33 Two Day
$44 Three Day
$55 Four Day
$88 Annual